Point System.

How we score seasons:

Best of 3 Sets.

Matches will be the best of 3 sets unless both players agree to a modified match prior to play (such as an eight-game superset, or third set tiebreaker). On rare occasions, both players may agree that a match is tied, if a substantial portion of the match has been played and can’t be completed (i.e. for darkness).

And the Winner is.

Win= 3 | Loss = 1 | Tie=2

Simply play a match and receive points! The player with the most points at the end of the season wins that division. Notice in this system, going 4-4 (16 points) is better than 5-0 (15 points) so please make every effort to play all your matches.

What if it's a Tie ?

In the event of an exact tie for first place in a division, whoever won the head to head match will prevail. In rare occasions it may be necessary to use a second tiebreaker: the player with the fewest lost sets prevails.

Point System

  • Win = 3
  • Loss = 1
  • Tie = 2

"Our family loves Townwide Tennis. It gives us a chance to play tennis in a friendly fun environment."

Tom Haverford

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